Favorite kinds of music

I find it interesting that peoples character tend to be reflected in the styles of music that they are most attracted to.  If you think about those that like rock or metal, those that like country, those that like pop.  Do those people you are thinking of have similar personality traits?  Any similar characteristics?

I contend to say that our personalities are highly connected to the style of music we are attracted to the most.  To use me as an example I really am not a fan of country music.  For whatever reason, I am a rock loving introvert, and hanging out at a bar drinking with friends, does not sound fun to me.   I am not laid back, I am not outdoorsy…. I am not defined by the hat that I wear, or driving a truck or anything like that.  My personality does not resonate at all with country music, so it is not something that I like.

This is just a simple thought for the day that I had that I think there is an undeniable connection.  I am sure there is science on this somewhere that I could have taken the time to find to post here, but I just didn’t put that much time in today.