Glenn Frye

Leading member of my favorite band that passed away a while ago.  I saw him on stage just last year playing with the rest of the legendary Eagles.  The Eagles created a sound that just resonated through my soul.  There are certain people, certain sounds, when the music becomes more than just the sound or the lyrics but the motion of the song.  You can physically feel the flow of it through you.  Billy Joel can move music in that way for me, as can some of Elton John’s stuff.   The Eagles didn’t just stop at a basic level of a song.  A lot went into their writing but i feel like even more went in to their delivery.  Adding layer upon layer of instruments, and rhythms. Adding layers of harmony and melody.  Name me one other band in history that has the harmony capabilities that the Eagles did.  Even on in to their old age they could still nail it.  You could hear a pin drop in their concerts because everyone is just listening and soaking it in.  I am a sucker for the harmony role and a wonderful blend in voices.  Which is what draws me to the Eagles so strongly.  It is an aspect of music that is lost in today’s world of music and remixing from the DJ’s and such.  Go ahead, try and name just one band today that can create the kind of blend of voices that the Eagles could.  Maybe Munford and Sons is arguable but I don’t think they have nearly the skill level needed.  Shinedown has an amazing lead vocalists and some good harmony in their acoustic stuff.  I don’t know anyone however, that can blend quite like the Eagles could.

Ok, in the midst of writing this and looking for this youtube video to post, I found this cover by a band called Home Free which do this acapella and beatbox style similar to Pentatonix, which is a style catching a lot of traction right now.  I will say that this style is producing some killer harmonies and i do appreciate the rise of these kinds of bands, take a listen.  Very solid cover.

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